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" The discontent of the people is more dangerous to a monarch than all the might of his enemies on the battle field."

Friday, January 22, 2010


Dear Isabella,
Thank you for allowing me to paint your portrait. While painting you, you showed that you have a vast amount of knowledge in the arts. You have a knowledge that is greatly underestimated. I hope that you continue to invite other patorns of the arts to your home. For you are truly a women of great knowlegde. Thank you again,
Leonardo Da Vinci

I feel grateful that you found my house and myself in this way. I could not have learned all of this, but from my amazing teachers and education. I have only learned all that I have from people like you and wish to show you my graditude. Your work continues to be a growing success and I wish you the best of luck. Best of wishes,

I would like to thank you for hosting me and my family during our stay. Your house seems to be in perfect and wonderful condition. Your vast knowledge not only helped educate me son, but you also helped to teach my daughter,more than just traditional housework. She in turn is teaching her friends and peers. You continue to astound me with all that you can do, from running Mantua, to becoming Regent in place of your son. You are truly a blessing to me and my family.

During my stay in your wonderful kingdom,I came upon some very intersting ideas that you presented to me. You taught me the importance of literature, (through your poetry), the love of arts and music, (through your vast library of music and portraits), and your common knowledge of the world. You are truly a role model to us all and who I consider as the " First lady of the Renaissance"

My time in your lovely home was all too short. You were a most generous host to us all and I see that over time your knowledge only seems to benifit you. When your father hired me to tutor you, I only saw the uselessnes of this endevor, but I see that you have embraced it all and that you use it to it's full extent. You have become a patorn in the arts and seem to have brokent the traditional mold for a women. You will continue to amaze the rest of the world, but none more that I. Your old Tutor
Battista Guarino

Living in your beautiful kingdom has not only helped me understand my self, but the world around me. You have been an inspirtaion for us all. We are very blessed to have you as a ruler. With the opening of several public schools, many are able to get and education for the first time. You have helped many realize their dream outside of small labor. Your grateful subjects.

Thank you my dearest for watching over our kingdom, while I am away. I have heard on ly good reports from my contacts, and see that the community seems to blossom under your care. You are a vision of the future to all of our subjects and want to thank you for your hard and tender care.
Franceso Gonzaga

With your charming ways and impressive features I have come to see the real you. You not only succeed at running a kingdom, but other fields that many thought a women could never cross. With this painting I can only hope to show other parts of the world your image in hope that they may inspire others throughout the world.

Top 8 Friends

1. Franceso Gonzaga ( My Husband)

2. Federigo II ( My Son)
3. Leonardo Da Vinci

4 Elisabetta Gonzaga Montefeltro (Sister-in-law)

5. Erocole I d' Este (Father)

6. Lenora Of Naples (Mother and close confident)

7. Beatrice D' Este ( Sister)

8.Titan ( Artist)

Photo Album!

These Medals were cast, in order to honor me as a peace keeper, during the absence of my husband and son.
A picture of a Mantua Town square

Painted by the famous artist Peter Paul Rubens

Painted by Leonardo Da Vinci

Painted as soon as I was named Marchioness of Mantua